Hello I’m Lily


My Story

Curious by nature, I’m a travel enthusiast dabbling in the art of container gardening while exploring the world of blogging. As a multi-passionate creative working in an online world, I understand the hearts and minds of global creatives.

That’s why I pursued my entrepreneurial vision to become a virtual collaborator offering support to busy entrepreneurs. Connecting and working with people like YOU, creators of art, music and stories. Artisans who have become busy working in their business instead of focusing on their vision. With my proactive approach, versatile administrative skills, and attention to detail, I can help you find more time to pursue what you love most… perfecting your craft and sharing your gift with the world!

When you’re ready, I’m here to help you shift your focus back to the highway of creativity and off the backroads of overwhelm.

What I Offer
As an agile business partner, my goal is to remove the administrative encumbrance such as conducting research, proofreading material and creating content, improve online presence on social media platforms, and assist with promotional launches.

In addition to my tech-savviness, I have been recognized by leaders and peers for my extraordinary commitment to innovation and lifelong learning.

Ready to get started?
Multifaceted, resourceful and detail-oriented. Driven by my passion to help small business owners and solopreneurs succeed more efficiently and with less stress, I take pride in providing creative solutions that best serve my clients’ needs. No challenge is too daunting, no task too small.


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